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Gourmet Cubanito

Premium dark espresso blend. If you love coffee but hate heartburn's, this coffee capsule won't be an issue because of its low acidity & bitterness qualities!
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Flavor Notes

Smooth body, sweet and chocolaty.



Roast Level



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Cup Size

Ristretto 25ml - Recommended cup size
Espresso 40ml - Recommended cup size

Aromatic Profile

Gourmet Cubanito exhibits a clean, delicate flavor with a rich body. It stands out among other coffees due to its complex flavor profile and a long aftertaste. Our Cuban espresso blend has a medium to full body, exceptional taste when paired with milk for a cortadito.


100% Arabica blend from Africa and South America.


Each bean is roasted individually to the beginning of dark temperatures keeping it's aromatic profile while developing a flavorful dark and premium taste.

Compatible With All Nespresso Original Line Machines

Espresso Machines Compatible Nespresso Original Line Coffee Capsules

Roastesso’s premium line of coffee capsules have gone under thousands of brewing tests and are fully compatible with the Nespresso models such as Breville, Delonghi, Inissia, Essenza Mini, Pixie, CitiZ, Prodigio, Expert, Lattissima Plus, KitchenAid, Maestria, Creatista. Our pods will deliver a perfect home brewed espresso every time. Click here for a more information.

High Performance Pod For Delicious Espresso's

Espresso Machines Compatible Nespresso Original Line Coffee Capsules

Hermetically sealed and high-performance coffee pod to preserve aromas deliver an intense espresso experience and truly fresh, richer, tasteful cup of coffee. Roastesso’s compatible with Nespresso original machines have foil at the bottom & top for easy piercing and excellent coffee extraction! Patented grid ensures capsule is perfectly sealed during extraction.

Customer Reviews

Based on 56 reviews
Still good

I had found "latin espresso" on amazon a long time ago. It went away, tried a few different kinds untill i went to roastesso and found it. Now they do not call it latin espresso but still has great flavor for the money. My favorite pods to date.

Great Decaf

Very happy with this coffee and it’s flavor. The best decaf around.

Just like my abuelita’s coffee ☕️

This coffee takes me back to my childhood when I spent my summer vacations growing up in Puerto Rico 🇵🇷. It brings to mind beautiful memories (and tears). Especially, when my abuelita (grandma) made her special elixir, her cafecito to wake me in the morning. The aroma got me out of bed and ready to start my day. She steamed the milk and serve it to me in my special cup. Cubanito smells and tastes like hers. Roastesso, thanks for the memories and great coffee 🥺.

Morning Brew

I enjoy Roastesso coffee, flavor is distinct and enjoyable. Coffee capsules are great and can count to work on a Nespresso machine. Customer service is excellent-I had a problem making changes on my monthly order and when I called on a weekend, I had great response and he fixed the problem on his end and did the change and instructed me to check the next day to confirm the change. I couldn’t wait for the next day being who I am so I checked in about three hours and sure enough, the change was done and it worked. Thank you for an excellent customer service.

Gourmet Cubanito

This is as close to a cafecito you can find in a Nespresso equivalent!

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