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Variety Pack Trial Sampler

Explore Roastesso’s coffee selections, this variety pack assortment includes 80 count of our original capsules: 10 count of Colombiano, Sunset Decaf, Burundi, Guatemala, Gourmet Cubanito, Hioncaff, Delizia Espresso and Delizia Ristretto.
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Flavor Notes

Different capsules blends flavor notes.



Roast Level



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Cup Size

Ristretto 25ml - Recommended cup size
Espresso 40ml - Recommended cup size
Lungo 110ml - Recommended cup size

Aromatic Profile

Each coffee blend has it's unique flavor which can be enjoy in different brewing sizes. Colombiano: single origin Colombian coffee. Sunset Decaf: decaffeinated espresso. Burundi Origin: single origin high end Arabica. Guatemala: single origin espresso. Gourmet Cubanito: premium dark espresso blend. Hioncaff: high on caffeine, intense and dark ristretto. This sampler pack contains at least 1 carton of each of our single cup coffee pod varieties to brew as Ristretto, Espresso & Lungo.


Different origins by the blend, including Indian, African, South and Central American coffees.


This pack includes 4 medium roast blends and 2 dark roast coffees.

Compatible With All Nespresso Original Line Machines

Espresso Machines Compatible Nespresso Original Line Coffee Capsules

Roastesso’s premium line of coffee capsules have gone under thousands of brewing tests and are fully compatible with the Nespresso models such as Breville, Delonghi, Inissia, Essenza Mini, Pixie, CitiZ, Prodigio, Expert, Lattissima Plus, KitchenAid, Maestria, Creatista. Our pods will deliver a perfect home brewed espresso every time. Click here for a more information.

High Performance Pod For Delicious Espresso's

Espresso Machines Compatible Nespresso Original Line Coffee Capsules

Hermetically sealed and high-performance coffee pod to preserve aromas deliver an intense espresso experience and truly fresh, richer, tasteful cup of coffee. Roastesso’s compatible with Nespresso original machines have foil at the bottom & top for easy piercing and excellent coffee extraction! Patented grid ensures capsule is perfectly sealed during extraction.

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Variety Pack Trial Sampler

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